Mistakes aren’t failures

I love free T-shirts

I love free T-shirts

So here’s my secret (but not dirty) confession… I’m not a running virgin. I’ve done mainly fun runs but learnt a lot along the way..

Exhibit A: 5K Adidas Women’s Challenge Sept’ 11, 2011 – I don’t know why i agreed to do this, I think my friend just caught me at a moment of weakness. But I turned up anyways and did it in just over 35 minutes without training. The relationship ended abruptly afterwards, I decided i wasn’t ready to commit and to never run a race without training!

Exhibit B: Macmillan 10k Fun Run June 16, 2013 – I actually trained hard for this race and what probably made me fall in love with running. My aim was to do it in less than 70mins and raise at least £100 for Macmillan. It worked! 62 minutes and over £200 later I was hooked! All of sudden I wanted to do more running, I wore my free T-shirt from the race for about 3 days in a row. It started to smell so i decided i wanted a new one (free of course!). This time I want my relationship to be for keeps.

Lessons learnt

1.  Training is important but what is more important is a running playlist

2. Carb loading before the race is not eating a McDonalds Big Mac and Fries at 1am before your 10K race.

3. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol then attempting to carb load with Big Mac = Vom session at 4am

4. Get to a race on time. Not 15 minutes after it started. This prevents you getting sarcastic comments of “the race is that way” and not having to literally start the race on your own.

So commence a new 10k training plan for another race in either September or October and be a runner Pamela!

That’s all for today 🙂


One thought on “Mistakes aren’t failures

  1. The free tshirts are the best! The medals are pretty fun too! My sister and I ate an entire bag of chocolate Percy pigs before our first 10k! I’m still learning, and making lots of mistakes a year on!

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