Holy crap it’s hot! What’s a tempo run???

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been too busy trying to discreetly sweat and deal with the heatwave that seems to have hit London this past week. I did start my improver’s 10k running plan this week though and the first few days went something like this…


Monday: Rest day – hurray 🙂 It’s too hot anyways.

Tuesday: 2 miles. ‘Oh. well that can’t be too bad Pamela, why don’t you just run to the gym and do some cross training there?’ said the little voice in my head. So I set off for the gym, nice gentle run then I realise it is really hot. The sun keeps shining and although I’m sure my body’s vitamin D levels have now significantly increased, I do not like it. I arrive at the gym a bit worse for wear and frazzled and do some cross training. A bit of cycling (dislike), rowing (like) and a few lunges and squats (necessary to obtain the Victoria Secret model physique). I realise I am knackered and can only manage a 1 mile run home before giving up and walking.

Wednesday: Rest day. I had to rearrange the plan as the squats and lunges took their toll 😦

Thursday: 30 min tempo run. After figuring out what a tempo run actually was (apparently it’s when you run fast enough to be uncomfortable but not dying). I set off dreading half an hour of being uncomfortable. I figured fast for me was anything less than a 10min/mile. The first mile was 9.49 which is pretty good but after 25 minutes i just wanted to cry. Still it was a success, just over 3 miles and an average pace of 9.53!

Friday – Rest day. It was Sport’s day at school and I had been out all day in the sun. No more running please!

Saturday – 30 min easy run. This is really uneventful. All i can say though is morning runs don’t work for me. I feel too sluggish and would rather be in bed.

Sunday – 5k run scheduled. But more on that in a later post.

All in all Week 1 of the plan was a nice introduction and I did enjoy it. It’s also the first time I have ever run 4 times a week and it does take a bit of dedication. For anyone who does this week in week out, I salute you! I’ve also learnt hydration is important, especially on all my runs this week and the hot weather taking it’s toll. I think evening runs are for me andI probably won’t run to the gym again. Here’s to week 2!


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