Running Humbled

Luckily in my plan for Week 1 training I had to run 3 miles on Sunday and this coincided with the Race for Life 5K at Hyde Park. I had seriously hoped to run a sub-minute 30min 5K for the event but then 2 things happened…

1. It was frickin’ hot!

2. There were also 10’000 other people there including some colleagues from work.

The run was scheduled to begin at 11am but of course with so many people we were released in waves. There wasn’t any timing for this race and so it was a mixture of walkers, runners and small children in buggies. By the time I actually started it was 1130am and I had to run with a cap on and never did manage to find Laura, my work colleague, who it turns out was actually a few waves behind me. Oh well. It was a good run around Hyde Park, pretty as always, though i felt a bit silly not wearing a pink T-shirt (I don’t actually have one) amongst a sea of pink. There were some lovely people going all out with their costumes and I even managed to hi-five tons of marshalls and supporters. It’s always humbling to read the many messages people wore on their shirts too and it did hit me about halfway through what a great cause Race for Life actually is. Cancer, we’re coming to get you!

My time in the end was 31.27 which wasn’t a personal best but given the heat, I really didn’t care. My mother came to support me and we finally managed to find each other and collect about 3 bottles of water, 3 brioches and 5 pink lady apples between us. I showed her my medal and we posed for a photo.Image

Sadly there was no goody bag at this event but it didn’t even matter. There were so many people at the event who had never run 5K before and the atmosphere was so upbeat and proud!

Home, a lovely shower and amazing BBQ at a family friend’s house really ended my week 1 training and Sunday on a happy and contented note.

Thanks for reading



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