Heat Coma 1 : Pamela 0

Aiyah! It’s been hot and this heatwave does not seem to be letting up. I really must make sure I blog more consistently. Week 2 of 10k training has begun and suffice to say it hasn’t gone to plan..

Monday: This was running 3 days in a row (after Saturday and the Sunday race) but I was pretty optimistic about it all. My new Garmin Forerunner 10 had arrived and I thought it’d be a great time to test it out. Apparently, it beeps etc and I wanted to see how loud it actually was. It worked fine and will be a good training tool for the future, I hope. Either that or i have just bought a rather expensive albeit funky wristwatch. The schedule called for a 2 mile run. I was moron and read it wrong and ended up doing 3!! Not too shabby a start

Tuesday: Rest day – cross training at the gym. Again, necessary for the Victoria Secret physique and also, didn’t I used to have abs? Where did they go?

Wednesday and Thursday: No runs, was too tired to do anything after work. Seriously considered giving up doing any sort of running. It’s been too warm, plus everyone seems to be already on their summer break and I am still working. NOT a happy bunny.

Friday: Hurray! At long last.. managed a half hour run (in the gym) and then off to a yummy, spicy scrumptious meal at Wahaca. I love Wahaca, but the meal was particularly spicy that evening! I’m all for spice but phew my mouth was roasting. Still, isn’t that supposed to be good for digestion?

Saturday: 5 mile run planned. Yes Pamela, you can do it. Garmin attached to wrist and a nice cool day for running for a change. I was feeling particularly calm that evening, I didn’t want any music, I wanted to just go and hear myself breathe and not have to rely on any musical beats (mainly Nicki Minaj and Tinie Tempah) to keep me going. Did I reach running enlightment? I’ve always heard about those people who just really ‘feel’ their runs and need no music to push them. Could I join the group?? The first 3 miles were great….


Then once I got to 4 miles i just stopped. I couldn’t do it. EPIC FAIL. Lesson learnt: By all means music is needed, particularly on those longer runs.

Sunday: No running, I had put off my tempo run this week after wanting to cry through the last 5 minutes last week. Sadly I was in a heat coma (i.e. asleep) for the evening and by the time I had woke up it was getting dark. No running in the dark in London please, that’s just a deathwish.

Reflections about this week – Failed my week 2 plan already! Guess I’ll repeat the week and get better but I need to be more determined. On the plus side, I don’t hate myself too much for it. I got a new toy this week (the Garmin, will do a mini review later) and had a lovely weekend with Phil, who bought me Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans! For those not in the know, I suggest you watch/read Harry Potter ASAP

Inspiration words from readers are very welcome – How are you surviving the UK heatwave (I know the USA isn’t much cooler right now)?? What keeps you running when you’ve fallen off the wagon?

Until next time…




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