The Sound of Silence and A Garmin Forerunner 10 Review

It’s been an interesting week so far. As my last blog explained, I didn’t complete my training plan and now I have to repeat it again this week 😦

BUT…. I did get a shiny new Garmin which is pink and attractive. I thought I’d do a review as I know i spent many hours agonising over whether I should invest in one or not. So here goes…

Size: It’s pretty decent for a wristwatch on a skinny wrist female like myself. I actually wear quite big digital watches anyways (Casio Baby G fan since the age of 13) so the size didn’t bother me too much. It’s not heavy but does get super sweaty after a run.


Functionality: Well, I certainly won’t go into how to programme etc but I mainly use it to tell me the pace I’m currently running at and also the distance run. GPS can take a minute or so to find a location but there aren’t any other gripes i have with it. You can custom it to show which features are most important to you. It’ll beep every mile and give you an average pace but I tend not to ignore it most of the time. One feature which will be most useful for me is the virtual pacer. Seeing as I need to complete tempo runs I can programme it to which ever pace I aim to run at and it will beep to tell me if am faster/slower than my target. It’s all a bit psychologically weird how an inanimate beep seems to dictate your run but it sure beats paying someone else to shout at me.

It’s been an interesting journey with the Garmin. Today I did a short 2 mile run after dinner (not advised to run after dinner, but hey I learnt) with it on and with no music again. The Sound of Silence was actually pretty nice, my head swims with a lot of thoughts most of the day and without the upbeat music and just a beep every 10 minutes or so I just plodded along on auto-pilot. Long distance I wouldn’t survive but I think running 5 miles or less is kinda nice without the noise. I’m never a fan of loud breathing but when running you can’t help but just pant past a lot of people but you know what, it’s kind of nice to hear myself breathe.

I’m a scientist and huge geek so I am awed by how well our bodies are designed. My feet carry me as I continuously stomp on them day in day out but they don’t complain (although my toenails are NOT happy with me). My heart is clearly getting annoyed and agitated as more and more demand is placed on it to pump blood around the body so my cells get enough oxygen in time but it just gets on with it. It grows, it gets stronger, it finds a way. And my lungs… well they just take it a breath at a time, got a bit of a stitch? Ok I’ll breathe deeper.

I digress, it’s hard not to appreciate the human body, it’s why I became a scientist after all. The Sound of Silence is a lonely one but it listens and it learns. It responds to inanimate beeps, it adapts to sometimes the most unreasonable demands and it bows to your willpower without question. Every now and then I’m happy to appreciate it and give it the attention it never ever asked for. I’ll be making a weekly date with the Garmin and the Sound of Silence.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence and A Garmin Forerunner 10 Review

  1. I have the same Pink Garmin and I love it. I like the virtual pace option as well as the run/walk option. I’m just getting back in to running and trying to build my endurance so I’ve been using that feature a lot!

    • It’s pretty neat huh?! Do you wear the Garmin and run with music too?
      It’s a great training tool and you will be surprised how quickly your endurance levels improve!

      • If I’m running by myself I’ll listen to music sometimes, but I find I actually do better when I don’t listen to music!! So far I’m really liking it, I have no complaints. πŸ™‚

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