I think I kicked myself and my leg hurts

Yay!! School’s out Horray!! For those of you wondering why I am remotely excited is because in my real world life I’m a teacher. After long days of marking, telling children to sit in their seat and the occasional death staring I now have 6 weeks free to catch up on some much needed sleep and reading 🙂


I’ve been quite good this week with the running, stuck to the plan and have completed 3 runs out of 4 as requested each week.

Monday: I did the 2 miles as scheduled with a decent pace of 9.42 per mile (that’s fast for me!)

Thursday: 30mins easy run. I also did some core training and managed 20 press ups (on the knees of course, not real ones pfft). I them started feeling pain in my leg, i thought I could run through it but at the end of the 30 min run it was really sore and i think I’ve probably got myself some sort of injury. Luckily, one of the trainers at the gym saw me limping suggested using a foam roller. DISCLAIMER: FOAM ROLLERS ARE LETHAL. They hurt like hell. Basically, I had to roll my leg over the area it hurt a few times, then once I hit the sore area I hovered over it and did mini fast rolls over it which made me want to pass out. It felt better after so she said to try a quick 10 min run, which luckily was pain free!

Friday: 3.5 miles with an average pace of 10.20 a mile. This was all going really well and I really wanted to run 5miles but at 3.5 miles I had really painful stabbing pains in my leg right near my shin. It’s very localised and hurts even at rest. I suspect I have managed to kick myself during my run earlier in the week but there isn’t any bruising. Back to the dreaded foam roller???

Only a tempo run left, which I’ll try and keep for Sunday provided the leg heals. I feel so sad but they always say best to nip these things in the bud early. In other news, I am so so excited to be watching the Olympic Anniversary Games tonight! It’s just started so I’m signing off now to scream at the TV. I Love the Olympics

Thanks for listening


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