Regent’s Park 5K with A Big Bowl of Laksa

Hi everyone,

What’s that Pamela, 2 blogs in one night?! It must be a slow day for you. Actually, I was just so excited to write this recap it couldn’t wait. I ran this on Saturday morning with some very special people, Richard, Paulo and their sweetest friend Marcia. The guys and I had prepared ourselves for this run as they are complete newbies and I was happy to train/torture them for their New Years resolution of getting healthy. I suggested the Regent’s Park 5K organised by the British Heart Foundation as I knew it would be flat and an enjoyable experience. Also, I like their T-shirts.

I arrived on time at 10am to a beautiful sunny day at Regents Park. The weather was glorious and for once I was on time for a race instead of 15 minutes late. I queued up and got my t-shirt but decided against wearing it and save it for later, when I knew I would sweaty and smelly. Richard refused to warm up with me and I ended up very animatedly dancing around next to him, clearly completely out of sync with the instructor and unable to hold any sort of rhythm. This is why I don’t go to Zumba classes.

Then, we started! I left Phil and my mother holding the bags and they promised to cheer us on along the way. I stuck and paced Richard, Paulo left us about 200m before we even started and Marcia, who has Jessica Ennis’ body, didn’t even train for it complained that we were going too slow for her. There were loads of people and it was difficult weaving in and out of all of them. There was a tiny hairpin loop which was very congested and I lost Richard in the crowd. I decided I’d up my pace a bit but knew I wouldn’t get a PB as there were so many people walking and narrow footpaths. I saw Phil and my mum along the way and posed for a photo


Paulo also ran strong


Then just kept running to get to the end where I posed for more photos for my mum. I then realised I had yet to cross the finishing line so had to leg it. Final time for me was 32.36. Not great but I didn’t care, I had run negative splits which is good enough. Paulo and I whooped and cheered as Richard came through the finishing line joined closely by Marcia


We all celebrated and posed with our medals. I changed my t-shirt and threw on my sweater. Paulo, Marcia and Richard brought their fairy godmothers in their bag apparently and changed into what can only be described as ‘ready to pull’ attire complete with make-up and Hugo Boss Orange aftershave. I looked like a tramp (with a big spot) who followed them around. Poor Phil had to be seen holding my hand in public. 😔

We headed to Tuk Tuk for lunch where I had quite possibly the biggest bowl of Laksa in the world. Imagine a big bowl, then double it and possibly add another half bowl for good measure. That’s how big it was. It was yummy but it was also bigger than my entire head, there was no way I would finish it. After a short walk in the sun, Phil and I headed home and I soaked myself in a warm bath and caught up on some reading. A great day out with lovely people and a happy end to my first running event of 2014.


Thanks for reading and a big well done to anyone who took part in the BHF Regent’s Park 5K. If you took part I would love to hear from you!


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