Running Returns!

Hello strangers,

It’s me, Pamela. I am back, well sort of. It has been forever since I blogged and an embarrassment to say the least that I have not kept up with my blogging or my running. Sigh, why does a real life working take up so much time? It’s been such a roller coaster of ups and downs in the world of teaching but yet I don’t think I would take any of it away. Except the marking. Yes, definitely the marking.

Suffice to say I’m baaaaack! And hoping this blog will be much more of a regular thing now. But just because I may have slacked off in the blogging department I am pleased to say that I am running again. I restarted after the New Years after one too many Christmas dinners and an expanding waistline. I’ve really missed it and so far these are my resolution and races…

1. Run at least 3 times a week – check! So far so good
2. Set a new PB for 5K and 10K (right now it’s 30.40 and 64.54 respectively)
3. Complete a half marathon.
4. Lose another 5kg. This is a b***h. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal and it has been absolutely awesome and I am definitely making healthier choices because of it but seriously, the weight is like superglue on crack stuck my body.

Here is a photo to show I am totally serious about running and blogging in case you didn’t believe me…


All in all I am so happy to be running again and missed blogging and the support. I’ve just completed a 5K for British Heart Foundation and will do a separate recap on that with some extra special shout outs. My next race will be the Bupa 10K in May 😄

Thanks for tuning in and see you soon!


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