March summary, Losing an hour of my day and Not getting mugged


Hello everyone,

I actually started this post last week but haven’t had time to actually sit down and complete it. Blogging has been a bit erratic and it’s proven difficult for me to get in my 3 runs week these past few weeks. Year 11s have taken over my life and it’s been such a busy term. The silver lining is of course the amazing April sunshine we have been having these last couple of days. It’s cheered me up to no end. My friends know I do not cope well in the cold and despite it being beautiful on Mother’s Day I still wore a coat and scarf. Hey, I grew up in Thailand! The coldest we ever got was 20 degrees Celsius and we all wore jackets that day.

Also, what is up with the love of Daylight Saving Time here in the UK?! I literally lost an hour of my day on Sunday as the clocks moved forward. I genuinely did not know how to adjust. I’m suffering for it now as I think it’s not even 11pm.. But oh nope. It’s practically midnight. I DON’T LIKE CHANGE 😫

It’s not all bad news though!

I managed to to complete 2 runs last week which were 5 miles and then another one at 6.2 miles (I thought I may as well do the 10k) bringing my running total in March a healthy 49 miles. Would have even nice to get the 50 but I can’t be too picky. What i did love though was completing another 10k, it’s been almost a year since my last one and it felt GREAT 😄. I think watching MasterChef probably helped too as treadmills are very boring. Afterwards, I felt strong and would probably have carried on but I wanted to stick to just 6 miles week before moving to 7 miles this week. Today though, I felt terrible. Did just over 4 miles and hated every second of it. Maybe it’s the treadmill again? One of my students asked me why I didn’t run outside more often me I explained that as I get home late it’s usually dark and I didn’t want to run on my own in the dark for safety reasons. He just laughed at me and said “Miss, you are just so Asian. Why do you think people will mug you? Trust me Miss, I wouldn’t mug you I know for fact teachers are poor, besides I’ve seen your phone. It’s not even an iPhone 5s!” Somehow I took comfort from this.

A 7 mile run planned for the week. I hope the weather holds up and I have a much better rambling for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading,


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