Bupa London 10k Run! Hello blogging world (again)

Hello everyone,

You’ll be glad to hear that although the blogging front has been pretty quiet the exercise front has been going better. I returned from a much needed vacation in Myanmar and Thailand at the end of April with probably too much excess weight (this was despite the food poisoning). I knew the Bupa 10K was up and I prepared myself by training until about a month before the event but then a holiday and horrendous work schedule unravelled all my good intentions 😥

Let’s get on with this recap

Preparation? Poor
I had run a 5 miler, a couple of 5Ks and a 2 miler where I wanted to cry but couldn’t because Phil was running with me and it might look like he abused me or something. I was filled with absolute dread and knew I wouldn’t be able to run the course in the 60 minutes I wanted. More importantly, where was my race pack?!
Decided to call the organisers, “it’s not a problem you have no race number or chip timer or anything else that tells you about what to do on the day, just turn up at Green Park and we can get you everything there”. Hooray!!
Do I have to run? I have literally stuffed my face all week with the terrible C’s – cake, chocolate and crisps. Oh and a whole chicken!

One day to go
As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had eaten McDonalds the night before my last 10k and washed it down with gin (it was Gin day, yep, that’s an official thing). I was then sick at 4am. But I’m cleverer now and decided no alcohol this time! Except that one shot of Jack Daniels. Oh and the hot chocolate with Baileys.. But yes, I’ll still carb load on the yummy burgers at Dave’s. This time, I’ll just enjoy the race and hope for the best.

Hello Bupa London 10000m!
THE RACE WAS AMAZING!!!!! The atmosphere was seriously the best one I have ever been to with great support at various parts of the circuit 😄.


The volunteers rocked, great people and the goody bag was seriously awesome. It’s by far the biggest race I have participated in and I loved every minute of it. My favourite bit was seeing MO FARAH!!!!! He was there cheering us on at the start. 😍😍😍😍
I stayed strong for the first 5 miles and felt pretty good, but that final 1.2 miles, I could feel myself sloshing the lactic acid (check out my terminology!) all around my legs and it hurt. I was determined to not walk or stop so really pushed for it at the last 800metres. I completed it in 63.24 which is fine by me. Yay give me my medal give me my medal!


The medal was actually pretty heavy but totally cool. The T-shirt wasn’t white as I was secretly hoping but I still wore it all day long. The chocolate milk in the goody bag was also delicious – best chocolate milk ever. And I don’t even drink milk!

I was lucky enough to have Richard and Paulo cheering me on and supporting me so a huge thank you to them for coming and celebrating with me at Tuk Tuk over a huge bowl of Laksa (this seems to be tradition). I would 1000% recommend this race to anyone thinking of doing a 10k in London. I am so ready for next year!

Apart from that I have some totes exciting stuff coming up from Team Science (yes that is also an official thing) and quite possibly some much less rambling but completely witty blogs as well.

Thanks for reading!


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