I’m Juneathoning!

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys enjoyed a glorious weekend, I’m so sad it’s over and tomorrow it is back to work. It’s been quite an eventful weekend, celebrating the official wedding of one my bestest friends Natalie to her lovely husband Matt. I particularly loved the dress she wore, elegant bridal – simple and understated 😍


Anyways, after a triumphant 10k last weekend I haven’t slacked off – a bit of Pilates and cross training this week happened and a sneaky 5K run as well (go me!). I have now, with great trepidation, joined up to Juneathon! For those of you not in the know it’s when you pledge to exercise every day throughout the month of June and then blog about within 24 hours. So that’s it. 30 days of exercise and 30 blogs. I’m so beyond nervous 😣 but hopefully by the end of June I’ll practically be a Victoria’s Secret model (uh huh, that dream is STILL well and truly alive). Also, I now have some die hard fans, Dave I’m talking to you, who tell me off if I refuse to blog for a few days.

Activity June 1st 2014: Running 2 miles with Richard. This was the first time Richard had run since the 5K in March so we were, in his words “taking it slow”. It was an easy run and Richard is now totally going to sign up to a 10K with me!

In other news, I’ve bought a new yoga top for Pilates class, and very kindly been gifted an iPad Air as well. Completely in love with both of them already. Who knew this retina screen stuff could be so awesome? (Or maybe my eyes are just really bad???) Last, and probably least, I’ve just realised I only have 3.3 miles left on my Nike Running App before I reach the Green Level. Hooray!!! (No one cares Pamela, get a grip!)

Signing out for now because dinner is being served…. I don’t think I ran enough for this.


Thanks for reading,


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