Le Geek? So chic!

Hello everyone,

So despite my best (ok, really crap) attempts to do Juneathon this month I failed to actually do any exercise yesterday. Instead, I came home and watched a documentary about AIDS in Africa and the craziness of Big PhRma industries. I’ll do a summary tomorrow but I basically spent the evening in a rage. It was a great evening. I actually love watching documentaries, the scientific ones are more my kinda thing than say, Simon Schama, but I’ll happily spend hours watching them and then looking up every single news article on Google afterwards. I ❤️ learning, it’s geeky and I don’t even care.

Feeling really bad because I ate really abysmally today I decided I had to do something so I went for a brisk 5.2K run. I say brisk, it wasn’t that fast at all, I still aim for a 10-minute-mile but I am more on the slower side of that, I really am aiming to improve my time and I know that means more long runs are needed so I’ll keep trying. I’m going to do Juneathon Take 2 (even though I have technically failed it, but everyone loves an underdog).

I am also trying to decide between signing up for another 10K here in London, Run To The Beat or possibly the Bristol Half Marathon instead. I have never done a half marathon before and am completely terrified of doing one. Any feedback on this will be really welcome, whether it’s advice or just your experiences at any of the events 😇

On a totally off topic note, I’m going to sign off with this picture that Pri showed me today, it made me giggle and Pri practically lost her sh*t.




One thought on “Le Geek? So chic!

  1. Documentaries and running. Two of the world’s greatest pleasures. The latter being the greatest antidepressant known to mankind.

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