I Love Team Science

Hello readers,

Oh how I have missed you! I am so happy to be back blogging again. I have felt a huge amount has happened since I last posted and where do I even begin. First off though, are we or are we not loving the summer weather? Yes I know, there is a heat wave and travelling around in London on the bus/tube/trains is dreadful but come on, sunshine traded for a bit of sweat….Hell yeah! ☀️☀️☀️

I would like to dedicate this post to my amazing #TeamScience because on June 28th we actually ran the Race for Life at Victoria Park together to help raise money for a great cause


It was a rubbish day for a run as it was raining (that’s us after the race!) but despite the fact that loads of us had never even walked any further than perhaps a lap of Tesco we still did amazing. Sabina, Priyanka, Dominica and Monia power walked it and did it in record time (30 mins!) until they realised they actually had to do 2 laps instead of one 🙊. Sunbal power-walked the course (properly) with Laura, who despite having had surgery a few days earlier, did it anyways. The unstoppable force that was Olga, Melissa and Lizzy were very strong and really gave me a run for my money.

As for my me.. Well my race report goes something like this….

START: Oh, it’s raining. My T shirt is getting wet, I’m really glad our shirt is pink and not white.
1st KM: This rain isn’t too bad. Maybe I might get a Sub-30 time for this
2nd KM: La La la …run run run. Hey, look it’s Dave, Phil and Mike (waves furiously). And a random Caribbean lady yelling abuse at the runners….“run faster, what you walking for, that’s why you fat!”
3rd KM: OMG I can see the end line! Someone is shouting my name… It’s Olga with Lizzy and Melissa (waves furiously) and sprints to finish line. Wait what?! We detour around and do a 2nd lap??!
4th KM: 😠😠😠😠😠 (a lot of stuff goes through my mind. I won’t type it) Stupid detour
5th KM: 29.52 Holy crap I did it! I got under 30mins for a 5K! 😆

Naturally, we all celebrated as professional as you should after a race, by eating brioche and cherry bakewells. I would like to thank the runners – Priyanka, Sunbal, Monia, Laura, Olga, Dominica, Lizzy and Melissa as well as our awesome Coach Dave, Phil for motivating me to get my time “if you don’t get under 30 mins I’ll leave you” and Suzi, Mike and Chris who came to support us. We managed to raise £950 for Cancer Research so thank you to everyone who donated, not just to us, but to anyone else who ran the Race for Life ☺️

Luckily, summer holidays has begun now and I have much more free time for running and blogging especially. You’ll be getting more blogs, I promise I’m so excited!! For now, I will contain myself from actually exploding and sign off.

Thanks for reading!


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