30 days Healthy Living = 1 day Bad Karma

Hi there!

Well the past few months I have been feeling like this….


Needless to say its time to snap myself out of this funk and indulge in some healthy living. This means eating properly, i.e. no junk, and exercising regularly for 30 days. (Not at the same time though, I am not THAT good!) I’ve made up this 30 day healthy living challenge in the hope of sorting my life out. It’s summer… Time for bikinis and shorts and crop tops, not that I am going on holiday so I don’t even need to so it for that reason. I think this makes me a winner.

I’ve made it to Day 5 so far and loving it… Here is a sneak preview of what I ate today… Veggie cous cous with Turkey steak yum! Oh and a mug of green tea as apparently it helps control hunger and fight wrinkles and stuff šŸ˜‡


I’ve also made good start to exercising by running as much as I can. My aim is 4 times a week. I managed that last week and so far I’ve done 2 runs this week. I am experimenting with timed runs instead of random distance runs, purely because nothing feels better than being cheered halfway through and at the end of a run too. Though seriously Nike Running App, can you please get someone else other than Sanya Richards-Ross to congratulate me at the end of a run now, she’s said I’ve been doing great for the past 6 runs already and I am starting to get the feeling she’s just saying it to be nice.
Monday was a delightful 45 mins (4.5 miles woo!). So today was a short 25 minutes (2.4 miles). The second run may not sound impressive but just so you know this ALL happened..

1. I got bitten by a dog as I was running. It seemed harmless and was running along side me. Then it kinda stopped in front of me making me stop and bit me. I said ‘ow’, it barked, I moved on. As a result I now have to see my doctor tomorrow šŸ˜¤
2. This little 10 year old kid came up to me and was trying to sell me a drink. He had set up a little stall and everything but I didn’t have any money otherwise I would have totally bought some orange squash or something. I felt terrible! Hope he is there again on Thursday, I’ll take some change just in case!
3. A teenage girl was crying by the side of the road in her own, I stopped and asked if she was ok. She kept crying and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily some girls came over and said they were her friends so I hobbled along (this was after event 1)
4. Stalked Befriended by a random Spanish man who wanted to be my running partner. Completely put me off my pace as he kept trying to talk. He seemed nice enough but I mean completely weird and creeped me out slightly.

So eventful run to say the least. Tomorrow is rest day so eating clean will be priority. I’m now going to wallow at being bitten by a dog despite minding my own business and wonder whether 30 days of healthy living = 1 day of bad luck? Why is Buddha punishing me?????

Signing off to go and make merit before bed!


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