Nike Running and Training Club

Evening all,

In this post there is great news! The Doctor had a look at my bite, she was very observant and said “oh yes, there are clearly tooth marks and there appears to be some bruising” then prescribed me some antibiotics to use for a few days. I think it is safe to say I’ll live – HOORAY πŸ˜…

Yesterday was a rest day as I was tired and, in case hadn’t mentioned it, the last time I went for a run I was bitten by a dog! I did very boring admin stuff like got my eyesight checked (perfect vision, in fact better than 20/20) and basically got told my eyesight is superhuman. I promptly rewarded myself by going shopping and even treated my brother to lunch which was actually really healthy delicious at Wagamama. Don’t you fret my dear readers and wonder ‘but what about the healthy living?!’ I more than made up for it by walking (a lot) around the shopping mall and also upon coming home I made sure dinner was yummy and totally clean after commencing the Nike Training Club App.
I ❀️IT!! It’s free and really easy to use. A ton of workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home with demonstration videos too! I’m a visual learner so videos are good for me. I started the Get Lean programme and the first workout was called ‘Sweat and Shape’ and was 30 minutes of squats, burpees, planks, ab crunches, push ups, lunges etc. I sweated like an absolute pig 🐷! I’ve never done a burpee before, it’s the hardest thing on the planet. What’s worse is that being in the comfort of my own home meant I could moan and groan if I found it hard, which was pretty much 27 minutes worth of moaning. I’m certain my neighbours thought I was having sex. I wasn’t, I was working out. And that just makes it sound even more dirty.

Today I was achy but not too bad, I decided to go to Nike Running Club as when I was in their store they told me it was free (uh yes, I’m interested) and a nice way to motivate myself. The guy said they did a 5K twice a week, everyone welcome, all abilities, just meet at the store at 630pm. Nervous about going on my own I convinced Melissa to come too, I arrived, changed and then the bombshell hit us – we were going to do more of a 6.5K run today, maybe 10K 😳. The look of terror in both mine and Melissa’s eyes must have allowed them to settle for the 6.5K route instead, or 7K if you ran round the velodrome twice. We ran round it once, some people didn’t even run round it (cheat!). It was a tough run, we had no idea where we were going and everyone there was so speedy! Thank goodness Melissa came or I would have gotten lost for sure. We didn’t stop once or walk and finally arrived again back at the store where they stamped our card (10 stamps and you get a free T-shirt!!!) and hi-fived us for being shit slow awesome runners!


Super sweaty after our run then we had to get the bus home as well πŸ˜ͺ. We pondered and pondered and decided…let’s do it all again next week!

I’ve loved Nike a lot this week, the apps and running club are completely free, the exercises are fun and really make you sweat. I hurt so much right now though. I don’t want to end this post because then I have to actually get up which would be like torture due to muscle ache. Whoever said pain is good was clearly high at the time.

Hobbling off,


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