New season updates. I hate Widgets.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the revamped site! I do hope you like it and keep following 😀 I’ve been working hard on this all this week (hence the lack of actual rambling) with a fresh new look for the blog. Holy bananas it’s be been hard! WTF is a widget? How do you fix them?! I totally don’t understand any of this stuff. I now understand why people spend lots of money paying for website designers – they just make stuff seamless and easy. Plus, they obviously know what a widget is.

Smile! No one knows you're about to smash your laptop on the floor.

Smile! No one knows you’re about to smash your laptop onto the floor.

I’ve updated the ‘About Me’ section and also added some bits and bobs like a ‘Things I Covet’ and ‘Get Exploring’ section so do spend some time browsing. I’ve mentioned my love of documentaries already and there are some links for you to see how I geek out. This evening (for my UK readers), there is a Natural World documentary A Bear with a Bounty on BBC Two at 8pm . Be sure to watch it, I’ll be wrapped up with my tea and a blankie.

Following on from my 30 Days Healthy Living challenge I’m now actually halfway through on Day 15. It’s been really good so far and I’ve not fallen off the wagon just yet (Fine. I had some chocolate the day before but it was dark chocolate and just a tiny square of Green and Blacks) and my running has been working out perfectly. I woke up early on Saturday and got my 4th run of that week in first thing in the morning. Sadly, it rained on me about 5 minutes into the run and I started to worry I was going to get electrocuted by my own phone but 3.75 miles later I returned home safe and sound. But seriously, I need to sort out a running armband for myself but am too cheap hesitant to get one. I’m also worried it’s going to make me run lopsided, like, I mean one arm will be heavier than the other. Won’t I just keep turning right and end up in a circle? Maybe one of those belt things would be better. I thought about it, but they remind me of fannypacks and I don’t really want to run wearing a piece of equipment associated with the word ‘fanny’ on me.

I wanted to start this week’s running strong so I did a long run (6 miles) on Monday and it was SO good. I was certainly endorphin-ed up after that run with no shin splints. Tuesday saw me attempt to do a 30 min tempo run but I got a stitch and my last mile was an epic fail. I came home and collapsed in a heap (not attractive) on the floor, then broke out in hives (I’m very hivey) and spent the next half an hour in the shower trying to calm myself down (it was just like in the movies – dramatic music, running water, me sitting down yelping). So why I decided it would be a good idea to run on Wednesday for the 3rd day in a row is beyond me. A short jog with Richard and Paulo was on the cards. I did get a message from Richard this morning that said “2 miles. I ache. Why did we go running? I could fall asleep standing up right now” – Er, because you wanted to?

So a new look site, 3 runs and one hives attack so far this week. And it’s only Thursday. Thursday means Nike Run Club. That’s 4 days in a row running. You forgot your Run Club card so you won’t get a stamp for your free T-shirt. Damnit!!

Thanks for reading 🙂 Do you like the revamp? Did you watch the documentary?? As always, comments always appreciated in the section below.



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