Chasing the Dream – You keep moving forward.

Happy Thursday everyone!

For this post, I wanted to channel some inspiration after a few days of gloom and sad news around the world. There are countless conflicts and tragedies around us all the time that it’s easy to get bogged down by the thousands of deaths in Gaza on both sides, Ebola ravaging West Africa, not to mention the departure of those gone too soon. Then, these small things happen and you can’t help but smile and you decide to finally pull your head out of your butt and move on.

Monday started off well. I did my long run of 6.5 miles first thing in the morning (even before I brushed my teeth! Does anyone else do that? It made me feel very self-conscious that I would smell even worse than normal) and felt very positive. At the end of it I knew I could keep on going and be ok, there wasn’t any aches or pains anywhere but I did have some shin splints earlier and knew to build slowly. This was the longest run I have ever done in my life (I always stop at 10k) and I felt strong.

Tuesday is another story! Grumpy, I had clearly woken up on the wrong side of bed and made sure all those close to me knew it. It happens, don’t even pretend you haven’t been there, and that you didn’t act like a dick unpleasant. You did. I did a recovery run of 3 miles and felt like I really pushed myself. However, once I had stopped and looked at my split times they were abysmal, slower than ever despite the negative splits. Doom and gloom pretty much summed me up that day. But then as I was having my dinner I saw this…

Look at the determination on her face!

Look at the determination on her face!

40-year-old Jo Pavey winning European Championship gold in the 10000m. She had a baby 11 months ago, she was not the favourite at all competing with some others who weren’t even born at the time she had started her career. She never actually led until the last 500m where she just went for it and ran straight for home, about 300m earlier she was in 5th place. She owned the rest of the field and I had lost the plot screaming at the TV. What an absolute legend and inspiration! I had a bad run – so what, I need to be running like her at 40! (actually I hope to actually still be able to run when I’m 40). If you want to see her golden run please click here, trust me, it’s worth it.

Wednesday was no running so I decided to do one of the Nike Training Club workouts. It was so hard! I was collapsed dying on the floor after 30 mins (the workout is called Hurricane and should be 45) like a walrus or cute weddell seal, whichever you think is more attractive. I am majorly paying for this today as my arms and butt (yes, apparently those were the only things I managed to work out) ache. I woke up this morning and texted my friend Chrissy the words  ‘Ow my ass, my ass’  she never did reply.

This morning for thousands of 18-year olds around the UK it was the biggest day of their lives – their A-Level results are out. Their future gets decided. As a teacher, this day is extremely important for me because everyday of their education, from Nursery school where they learn ABCs, Middle school and High school culminates in this, the synthesis of their skills and knowledge. My students absolutely rocked it, of the 16 students in my Biology class 13 of them got A*-B grades which is superb, absolutely no one failed. Proud does not even begin to express how I feel. Every one of these students had bad days in my class, some panicked, burst into tears, got sent out of my class at some point, but it was one day. That day is over.

For my students of 2014. Keep moving forward!

For my students of 2014. 

I am a very honoured and humbled teacher today and I am sure most teachers will echo this sentiment on Results Day all around the world.

So today, I lace up my running shoes and head down to run club, aches and all. I’ll probably get lost again, but it’s a new path, a new challenge (of finding the rest of the group!) and I’ll keep moving forward.


Thanks for reading 🙂




2 thoughts on “Chasing the Dream – You keep moving forward.

  1. Well done you and your students… i used to lecture andit is THE BEST job in the world 🙂
    And hey, yip, i know that grumpy early morning person well… thats why i start work at 06:30… so that by the time everyone else arrives at 08:30 i am a MUCH nicer person *lol*

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