Goodbye to You, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13

It’s never easy saying goodbye to an old friend. They have kept you company through the highs and lows, supported you when you first started running and pretty much kept you injury free for the past 15 months. These Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 were my first ever running shoes (OK fine, second. My first pair were the same ones but I bought them in the wrong size and had to swap them) when I started my running journey back in April 2013 and they have been absolutely awesome! Brooks is an amazing running brand and although last time I had my gait analysed it has seemed to correct my overpronation from quite moderate to now just mild, I still think they are my running shoe brand of choice. Brooks are on my ‘Things I Covet’ list for reason – I would never hesitate to recommend or buy another. I say goodbye to them purely because during run club the pacer told me my shoes had lost their support and I looked like some sort of kangaroo bouncing along on my tip toes where the cushioning was still around. When I took them off to let him have a closer look he managed to pretty much press on the sole and put his finger through it. Oh OK then, guess they have lost it.

What they first looked like...

What they first looked like…

15 months later

15 months later









Support: Brooks stability shoes are well known for their support for overpronators (your foot rolls inwardly a little bit too much). They do this by making sure the middle bit of the shoe has a foam insert which is slightly firmer stopping your foot from rolling in too much and thus avoiding dreaded injuries. The Adrenalines certainly prevented any injury from occurring. I had trained in them and ran all my races in them without a single hitch, no terrible toenails, no sprains or pains. I fell over once in them and faceplanted but that was more me being a dumbass my fault for tripping over the pavement. Eventually my main problem was, as I started running more frequently, that they were clunky. Also, the fit was quite loose and shoes are supposed to ‘hug’ your foot when you run to stop them from sliding forwards and bashing your toes in. However, there has to be something said about shoes that allowed me to run completely injury free and help me get through 15 months of running with no complaints. I rate them 9/10 for support. They held me together and corrected my gait, what more could you want?

Cushioning: If you want tech stuff it’s probably better to read someone else’s review check their webpage as they use a lot of acronyms which I don’t understand. I can tell you that running in them was soft and smooth. They didn’t hurt my feet after races and during runs they never bothered me. If they weren’t providing enough cushioning I would have noticed something and as someone once told me ‘the best shoes are the ones you are never aware of’. Cushioning for runners is important because it helps absorb the shock of your weight pressing down on your foot and stops your joints, bones, tendons, ligaments etc from turning to rubble. Once the cushioning goes (like they did with these eventually) you will know and you will hurt. My only complaint with these Adrenalines is that they lost them so quickly. I tried to tally up my running miles by using my Nike+ Running App which came to roughly 200 and I did quite a bit of treadmill runs so they totalled about 250 miles, which is pretty low. 7.5/10 for this one, if only the longetivity was better.

Costing: These shoes were just out as I bought so they retailed for £100 and the newest versions seem to be following suit. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have got them if I didn’t have a discount voucher on me. I managed to get them for £70 and they have been worth every single penny, even if I had bought them at full price it still would have been worth it. I would say shop around for great deals because there are lots of them and most places have promotions or discounts too. I know it seems pretty steep but running shoes are never cheap and considering how much you use and rely on them they are a wise investment. 10/10 for costs.

I will always hold a special place in my heart for Brooks due to these shoes and although I don’t think I’ll return to the Adrenaline family just yet due to the weight and chunkiness I know that they will be hard to better, especially on long runs when you are tired so your posture and form is rubbish. The shoes are still at home, sitting near the door ready for another outing but sadly due to a now thumb-sized hole in them they will need to be retired. Here’s to you Old Faithful.

I hope this review has been useful. If you do have any questions about these shoes feel free to drop a comment below 😀

Signing off,



p.s. The new incarnation, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 is available to purchase now, I’ve not tested them but I hear people rave about it compared to the 13s. Both are available at Sweatshop.

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