Intervals – I think I like them?

Hi everyone!

I’ve fallen behind on the blogging but this will be TWO blogs in one day. It’s been a fantastic August so far in terms of weather, running, food and life. I get this feeling it’s going to come crashing down in a few weeks once the holidays are over and school begins. I’m being very optimistic and am going to try in earnest to keep up the exercise and blogging. Besides, I’ve noticed more weird interesting things happen to me because I’m running. Plus, I would totally be ok in the Amazing Race now that I am able to run slightly better. I can even hear the theme tune in my head and Phil (the presenter) “Pamela and ….. You’re Team number ONE!”

Last Thursday: I was in so much pain having completed a NTC workout. I had done more lunges, squats and push-ups than I thought was humanly possible (for me anyways) and was looking forward to a nice normal 4 mile run with Nike Run Club, even if it was raining and grey. I was in such a  good mood that nothing could ruin my day. NOTHING. Except running sprint intervals and doing MORE squats and lunges :(. They decided to change things up due the weather and make it a short, sharp session so we did sprints and a short 2 mile run instead with lunges and squats. I got home absolutely destroyed. The next morning I was delicate but I’ve never done an interval session before and looking back, it’s pretty fun.

photo 2

Intervals in the rain. The big smile is because it was over. (Thanks to Frank for this arty angled picture)

That meant last week I only managed 3 runs. I was away for the weekend and hoped to get a in a run on Sunday when I was back but it was pretty late by the time I got home. So after doing so well for 3 weeks, I didn’t get 4 runs like I had promised myself. I didn’t dwell. So what… 3 runs and a NTC workout is more than I ever did this time last year.

Tuesday: 10K run with the Sweatshop Run Club. They do a 5 and 10K every Tuesday and I thought it would be nice to give it a go. As per usual I was the slowest person there doing the 10K. This might sound crap but in fact it’s the best! You pretty much get guaranteed your own Pacer (they make sure you don’t get lost or left behind) and mine was called Steve. He actually encouraged me when I moaned about how I should have just done the 5K, gave me some great advice “Always look up when running up hills, it makes it easier”  and made me realise my trusty old shoes were in fact worn out (you can read about this here). I’ll try and make this a weekly thing as again they sucked me in with the collect-stamps-and-free-t-shirts thing 😀

Wednesday: Brisk 5K with Richard and Paulo. I was promised we could order Chinese after the run. They tricked me! We had a much healthier meal instead and watched Great British Bake Off. I love that show so much, I just love watching Mary Berry bite things, it’s so cute!

photo 1

Drools…. mmmm Bake Off cakes.

Thursday: Nike Run Club day. I was running (ha! Get it?) late for this session. I arrived, dumped my bag, picked up the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 they let us trial and sprinted to meet the others as they were warming up. Made it by a split-second! Melissa wasn’t with me as she was on holiday (I know, selfish isn’t she) so I had one goal for this session – DON’T GET LOST. What an superb run! We did our normal 4 miles and I didn’t get lost or left behind. It was one of my fastest runs, I completed it in 39.55 AND got yummy cake afterwards. Getting to trial the new Nikes were also pretty cool and perks of being a run club member. I’ll complete a review on them later.

Thanks for reading – Hope I’ve not bored you too much!




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