My Mother is a BadAss Runner

Hi everyone,

Ahhhh it has been a restful weekend hasn’t it and less than a week until it’s back to working mode for me. The Bank Holiday weekend was spent gloriously on the couch reading to the sound of my bathroom being demolished. As I type, I have no toilet, bath, sink or tiles – yep it’s refurbishing time! Luckily I live close by to mama and papa so thankfully I just use their facilities when required.

Speaking of mama, you have guessed it, my mom did her first run with me on Sunday! It’s so cute. She went to the Doctors for her usual check up and they told her that her Vitamin D levels are very low and her cholesterol is higher than it should be (again) so she decided she needed to get out more and do some exercise. Now, this is preferable to the last time she had high cholesterol in which she banned chocolate for an entire year so over Christmas we didn’t have any. We also weren’t allowed to have any lying around because she would secretly eat it all (I caught her a couple of times) like a squirrel. So I needed to get my 4th run in for the week and mom had a sexy new pair of Nikes to break in courtesy of Dad as a Mother’s Day gift – the fates had aligned us. (For those if you confused, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 12th August being Thai and all :))


Now my mom isn’t exactly sporty at all, the only bit of exercise she does get is walking around a lot in Marks and Spencer’s, so I decided to do a 60 sec run/90 sec walk with her together with a warm up and cool down. We would do this for a total of about 30 minutes give or take and I mapped out a route which was about 2.5 miles and just paced her. Oh My God. My mother is a 63 year old badass runner. She did superb and I couldn’t be any more proud of her. She did some great running over those 60 second intervals and worked her hardest throughout. She is such a trooper that she decided to slow jog the cool down instead of walk and her average pace was 12.24/mile. Her only complaint came at the end “my ears feel cold, I need to wear a beanie”. Monday was a complete washout of a day so we didn’t do another run and I am away for the rest of the week so I think next week we’ll try another run and change the intervals slightly. I’m impressed and also a bit jealous, I mean she is so much better than me when I first started and she’s more than twice my age!

In other news, I did my longest ever run last night! I did do it on the treadmill though as by the time I got home it was dark and seeing as I have about 3 days worth if gym membership left I may as well use it. 7 miles on a treadmill is boring. Literally the most bored i have ever been. I even did sprint intervals during it because I was so bored. I’m running further than ever now and it really excites me. Guess we can achieve whatever we want if we put our mind to it.

I am off now to the beautiful Norfolk Coast for the weekend where I will be doing no running and instead being well fed and breathing in the fresh sea breeze air. Yippee!!!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading,


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