Health rebooting

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, so it has been a full 4 months since I last wrote a post. Unsurprisingly this always happens as I head back to work and the new term begins. Time really does fly when you are in school! It’s been a very mixed few months, the exhilaration of starting a new term, the daunting feeling that you will never manage to get your marking done and of course the fresh faces you aren’t quite sure will give you trouble or not. I love my job though.

And the running.Yes, the running. Well despite my radio silence on here I did manage to continue, albeit inconsistently. I even managed a 10K run in September which I still need to do a recap on at some point this weekend. It was pitiful though so maybe I’ll skip that one out.. who knows.. I’m writing this post at a late hour so my mind is flitting in and out at the moment. The runs averaged maybe once every 2 weeks or so. Not great but considering how much I didn’t run this time last year I’m proud. My 2014 ended with a total of 224 miles (though there are many not logged on the Nike Running App I use). I think this is more than 2013 when I first started running so I am pleased. The aim for 2015 is at least 300, very little for some people but hey I did 3.2miles today so it’s the little things :).

Christmas Day has come and gone, my clothes are feeling a little snug and I should probably lay off the mulled wine for another 12 months because it does taste so good and I don’t even like cinnamon. The tradition in the Tipchu Household is always the same – We have Christmas with one of my best friends Richard, his partner and his mother. We are a beautifully amalgamated multi-racial family, this started off completely randomly a few years ago and we’ve stuck with it ever since. It feels wrong to do anything else! I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas, I know i certainly did! A big hug and kiss to my friends and family who are superb beyond belief. They have spoilt with me beautiful bags, cookbooks, cardigans, Molton Brown (I love Molton Brown!) pyjamas, candles, cake stands and magazine subscriptions to Runners World (I’m obsessed with reading them) as well as a lot of other running paraphernalia and perfume to hide the stink I produce. I can’t thank you all enough.

Spoilt brat!

Spoilt brat!

Paulo is a great chef!

Paulo is a great chef! What do you mean this is my entire daily calorie allowance? F**k Sake!










A new year means the perfect time to reboot my health, much like the other 3 billion out there probably thinking the same. Victoria Secret haven’t called so clearly I’m not there yet but here are the resolutions I hope to achieve in the year ahead.

  1. Blog at least once a month, preferably more but let’s see how that goes
  2. Stop eating crap food that isn’t good for me including blocks of cheese and salami. Apparently it’s not good for you
  3. Lose at least a stone in the next 6 months. I’m currently using MyFitnessPal to log my food and exercise, add me and lets be friends (ptipchu). Also I love being nosey supportive and cheer other people on. It’s free and really does help you plan your meals better. The best part is the barcode scanner!
  4. Run a half marathon – I think this will help in the whole losing weight thingymabob. I’m based in London so I’ve entering the ballot for the Royal Parks Half Marathon but if you have any other races to recommend I am all ears 🙂

It’s been a good 3 days of the year so far. I think I got my first hangover on New Years Day (hated it, Thanks Atul!) and I’ve managed to even get my first run of the year in, on a treadmill, which was very boring. I’ve got some new running gear though ooooooh can’t wait to review! Happy 2015 everyone!

Have you set yourself any resolutions? What did you get for Christmas?

Happy to be back and thanks for reading!


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