Needed: A Star Chart. I’m not actually a baby hater.

Evening everyone!

Hooray, finally time for a blog. I always like the feeling of going back to work as I know it means I will be back to a settled routine (of which I pretty much have no control over what time I can have lunch or the possibility of any sort of lie-in) where I am unlikely to fall off the wagon unless something goes terribly wrong. I think I like the predictable nature of it. I am a sheep at heart.

Two weeks since the New Years resolutions have been uttered and I’ve loved being on the health reboot. The running is happening, the healthy food is stocked in my kitchen and I even managed to convince everyone at work that we need to be friends on MyFitnessPal so we’ll be healthy together and spur each other on. Someone even mentioned the idea of making a Star Chart where you get a happy-face sticker if you exercise that day :). BEST.IDEA.EVER! That might be a mini project for this weekend. Seriously, who wouldn’t want stickers?! I’ve also managed to settle myself into a good running routine and genuinely look forward to every run now. The only blip in my life is probably the stupidly annoying baby that lives above me. It is a newborn but jeez it has a great set of lungs! It cries a lot and wakes me up at all hours of the night. It is so loud. I normally coo over babies as they are cute little squidgly humans but I really want to chuck this one out the window dislike this one.  I have been sleep deprived for the past 6 weeks and know it’s not anyone’s fault. I’ll quickly round off last week

Monday: Back to work, BOO!! Y13 have Mock Exams though so YAY!!  The gym was PACKED with everyone doing their earnest and embracing the ‘New Year, New You’ mantra. I thought I would attempt interval runs today. 7x400m sprints with 2 mins rest in between each sprint. I have never programmed a treadmill before so it did take me about 4 attempts before I could actually get it to the right speeds. It was amazing though! I really enjoyed it and for a 35 minute workout it’s very good! I left pretty much on some sort of endorphin exhilarated high. Definitely going to make this a weekly thing.

Wednesday: Treadmill run again. 6K today but I was so bored on the treadmill I wanted to cry about halfway through it from boredom. I always seem to get flanked by 2 quite sweaty and hairy men on the treadmill though. There is a tiny smug part inside of me though that glances over and notice they are running at a slower speed than me. I also feel a sense of secret joy when they get off the treadmill before I do. Is that bad? You’re right, I’m such a bitch.

Saturday: Long run day. By long run I mean 5 miles tee hee. I’m aiming to add half a mile each week now to my long run so I can build nice and slow to the longer distances. I don’t understand why running on treadmill is so much harder than running on the road. My mind definitely wanders more and my pace is also faster. It’s just so much more enjoyable.

Sunday: Recovery run of 3 miles. Running along the canals, I ducked out of the way for a cycling group to pass. They were the nicest people, all thanking me and greeting me with cheerful ‘Good Mornings!’. I was in a good mood all day. I even had coffee in an old public mensroom! I recommend it. Apparently, it’s the new thing that’s happening in Central London. The old public bathrooms are being bought by little businesses who convert the premises into small cafes. I even treated myself to a bit of banana bread which was delicious, despite eating it in a urinal. The rest of the day I browsed the Wallace Collection trying to culture myself up. See my completely natural (posed) inquisitive mind at work!


Culturing up at the Wallace Collection. I checked out the Laughing Cavalier by…. a famous person


Sunday Socialising at a Public Urinal with Tea and Banana Bread

Sunday Socialising at a Public Urinal with Tea and Banana Bread










I really want to do more updates for this week’s running but i think this post is long enough! Besides, it wouldn’t give me anything to write about for next time and also the baby has stopped crying and this may be my window to actually go to sleep.


Night night,



p.s. Do you think I should write a letter? No one wants to hear negative things about their baby but would a conversation get my point across better? Or I am just being an uber bitch and unsympathetic neighbour? I really need some suggestions here.

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