Food Glorious Food!

Hello everyone!

So it’s officially the most depressing week of the year this week. I hope just reading that sentence makes you feel slightly less glum because at least it’s Friday and I suppose that week is now over. Hooray!

As you may have guessed this post is all about food and making (apparently) healthy choices. Did any of you see a BBC Horizon episode called ‘Whats the Right Diet for You?’. Without wanting to spoil it incase you do manage to catch up using BBC iPlayer, a group of overweight volunteers are split into 3 main categories as their reason for being overweight. There’s a handy little questionnaire here to help you determine which category you may fall into. I’m certainly a Constant Craver, it’s been pretty obvious as the nickname bestowed upon me by my own boyfriend is Snacky McSnackerson. The science behind it is very interesting but apparently one of the best diets for me would be something akin to the 5:2 diet. Yeah… That’s never going to happen. I wouldn’t be able to survive by starving myself eating a maximum of 700 calories for 2 consecutive days and no carbs! All I would say is that you have to do what works for you. Exercise for 30 mins 3 times a week like they say, don’t go crazy with the chocolate and crisps and make sure you get your 5-a-day by having lots of vegetables with your meals.

Instead of summarising my running from last week (a long run, a recovery run, an easy run and a an intervals session) instead I’ll share a few tidbit meals and snacks that I’ve been enjoying this past month

  • Beef Bolognaise with carrots and peppers on a bowl of courgette ribbons. I’ve always wanted to try courgette ribbons but was worried I wouldn’t feel full. Wrong. Silly Pamela. It was very wholesome and I can’t recommend it enough

    mmmm courgette ribbons....

    mmmm courgette ribbons….

  • Oven-Baked Salmon with Reduced-Fat Pesto topping. Served with generous side of carrots and broccoli ( I love broccoli). This is truly delish. I’m sad I don’t have a photo to show you because I ate it all too quickly and only realised after. Simple to make and fish is always going to be good for you.
  • Warming Chorizo and Cannellini Bean Stew – This admittedly took ages to make but most of it is easy as it just let it slow cook for about 90 minutes. I got this recipe from a Runner’s World magazine and cooked it for a dinner party. Although everyone said it was fine (think they just didn’t want to offend me) I thought it was waaay too salty so will make it again but with one less chicken stock cube!
  • Kallo Organic Rice Cakes with Nutella – This gets me through the day. These rice cakes are a real lifesaver when I am peckish and need something chocolatey and quick to eat during my very short morning break at school. Low in calories, as long as you don’t go mental with the Nutella you won’t run into many problems. For added fun swap the Nutella for Chocolate Popping Candy spread, but only as a treat as they are high in saturated fats (boo!).
Popping candy is so much fun *pop pop pop pop* but don't go nuts!

Popping candy is so much fun *pop pop pop pop* but don’t go nuts!

  • Chicken Breast with chopped tomatoes and Roasted butternut squash with Italian herbs – The secret ingredient to this is a tiny bit of honey to keep the chicken succulent! Butternut squash is so overlooked as a vegetable. I learnt that the skin of the butternut squash isn’t actually very nice to eat so you should probably peel it. Perfect meal after an intervals session.
  • Inspired by the Laksa I usually eat at Tuk Tuk after a race, I decided to attempt my own at home. Red Thai Curry paste + Reduced Fat Coconut Milk + Rice noodles (surprisingly pretty darn healthy!) + King prawns + Beansprouts + Fried Fish roll (check out your Oriental supermarket) = 467 calories per serving!!! I had this for dinner tonight actually then went to a pilates class and 20 mins on the cross trainer. Didn’t feel hungry at all even after the workout so it’s definitely filling.
  • Homemade Wholemeal Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dip – There is nothing like making your own bread. Admittedly the one attempt I had at kneading the bread dough resulted in me knocking over and breaking my beloved Napa Valley spoon rest. I never got over it and it’s making me cry inside right now just thinking about it. Phil makes the bread. He’s good at it. I just eat it sometimes as a snack, 1 slice cut into little rectangles and dip dip away. Olive oil… good fat!
Yummy homemade wholemeal bread. I love coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread

Yummy homemade wholemeal bread. I love coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread

  • Vita Coco – I love coconut juice. In Thailand we always have it fresh straight from the coconut, chop off the top, stick in a straw and mmmmm. Then we scoop out some flesh using a spoon and have dessert too. I always drink a glass of this after a long run.

If you would like the recipes for any of these dishes do let me know but they are pretty straightforward and don’t take that much prep time at all. I’m never going to be MasterChef material.

Any recommendations for food? What do you eat post runs?

Thanks again for reading!


Pamela 🙂

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