This Girl Can!

Evening everyone!

How was your January? It’s been a very positive start to 2015 for me, I’m proud to say I completed a very respectable 52 miles of running last month which means I only have 248miles to reach my target of 300miles in 2015 woo hoo!! Hmm maybe I need to increase my target distance goal. No let’s not get overexcited Pamela. Sadly this week hasn’t been perfect in terms of exercise. I’m confident I will still get my 3 runs in this week but I’ve been a bit poorly these past few days and as a result the healthy eating has gone slightly downhill as there were 2 days of not eating followed by 3 days of stuffing my face (oops). A run tomorrow is a must for my own sanity. But I am typing here in bed with a mug of Lemsip so maybe my priorities and optimism aren’t set straight.

I wanted to share this amazing campaign that has been set up here in the UK to help encourage women to participate in sport. It is brilliantly named This Girl Can. I saw the ad on TV for the first time about 3 weeks ago and at first was completely confused as to what it was about – a new sports brand? obesity awareness? a new gym ad? I was enthralled, and not only because it had a very kickass song in the background. Watch the advert for yourself and see why I think it’s genius and very inspiring.

As a woman who loves sport and pretty much always had since high school I think it’s important that we remind ourselves that our body, no matter what size, shape or age, is capable to achieve whatever we want to accomplish. Geez, if I can somehow muster the strength to teach a bunch of teenagers for 7 hours a day, mark homework and then drag myself for a run/swim/pilates class then anyone can. Sport or no sport, the world is our oyster. I live in London and admittedly the running views aren’t as beautiful as perhaps they could be but I have some marshes, canals and ponds I can run around. There’s enough greenery and tranquility to satisfy the soul and every time I head out on a demoralisingly cold winter morning, I see other female runners of various shapes and sizes doing the same thing. We smile, sidestep each other and most of the time they zoom out of view but there’s always a brief moment of acknowledgement that yeah, we’re awesome and clearly owning this.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t moments like this….

Me all this week....

Me all this week….

But let’s not be too negative. Tomorrow is a new day! Besides Fat Amy is the most confident and intelligent woman I know. I mean who else would come up with the concept of horizontal running?!

In other news, I found out that I haven’t been successful in the Royal Parks Half Marathon ballot which was what I set my heart on to do. However, I’ve now signed up officially (OMG I am so scared) to the Hackney Half Marathon instead and that means I have 3 months until I run the first half marathon of my life!! Better work on that training *gulp*. But come rain or shine, this girl can! Even if it means someone pretty much has to drag her butt over that half marathon finish line. Just make sure Missy Elliott is playing in the background though yeah?

Any words of wisdom for half marathon training?

Do you like the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign? I love hearing your thoughts

Thanks for reading as always 🙂



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