Happiness is…. Flowers, Cheese and an unblocked nose

Hello readers!

Happy belated Valentine’s, Pancake Day and Chinese New Year 🙂 What have you decided to give up for Lent? I’m not actually Christian/Catholic but I have decided to challenge myself and give up cheese for the next 47 days. This will be hard as I LOVE cheese so it’s been a difficult 3 days for me so far. I sadly bid farewell to my cheese scoffing days (until April) with yummy homemade pancakes on Tuesday. For the savoury pancake nothing beats some mature cheddar (low fat option obviously) sundried tomatoes and prosciutto, with a possible hint of mozzarella for the stringiness factor. For the sweet pancakes it has to be Nutella and Bananas – I never understood the lemon and sugar thing. I’ve never heard of it before so am going to assume it’s a British thing.

A plateful of deliciousness for Pancake day.

A plateful of deliciousness for Pancake day.

However, in keeping with tradition I did have myself a lovely feast of Chinese Takeaway last night. Mmmm delicious. My maternal grandparents are ethnically Chinese and immigrated to Thailand during the Communist Revolution. In fact my grandfather, like so many others, arrived in Bangkok with a pillow and some clothes and hoped for the best. It’s strange when you hear the stories of adversity your grandparents faced and I can’t help but wonder at the turbulence of emotions and fear they must have felt. But I digress. The point is, Chinese New Year is a big tradition in my family and as a kid I loved receiving the little red envelopes with the money folded inside. The past few years have instead seen me given the reversed role of actually dishing out the envelopes to my little cousins.

Last week I was pretty poorly all week with a terrible cold that meant I felt awful and generally couldn’t breathe and was a Little Miss Coughingness to be around. As a teacher though you can’t really have time off, especially if you are still functional, so although I felt unwell I still managed to get to work and survived. It did mean that my healthy eating and exercise pretty much went out the window. I mustered enough energy to run my usual intervals last Tuesday but the rest of the week was a complete write off. I received my beautiful roses for Valentines and that cheered me on enough to haul myself out for a 3 mile run and I was rewarded by actually being able to breathe again. HOORAY!!! Don’t you just appreciate how easy it is to breathe when you aren’t ill?! I mean all this week I have been hi-fiving myself every morning when I wake up and realise I can breathe normally again. I’ve only been doing it for like the past 30 years of my life but hey whatever dude. Nothing reads epiphany like surviving a bitch of a cold.

Half a Dozen Red Roses for me. The card is pretty cute too.

Half a Dozen Red Roses for me. The card is pretty cute too. 


And obviously flowers from the man you love (see picture on left)









In my last post, I told you I had signed up for the Run Hackney Half Marathon which is on May 10th. I also got a little bit too excited and signed up for a further 3 races including The Race for Life Half Marathon in October (because I clearly have zero willpower when it comes to emails updating me about race for life) which will be the first time they have organised it. I’ve also joined up for the Nike We Run London Women’s 10K in June and as part of my training the Olympic Park 10K in March! Phew. I also started my half marathon training plan this week. I’ve never followed a plan for more than 2 weeks but as I am shit scared I won’t actually be able to actually finish the Hackney Half in one piece, I am following it diligently. It doesn’t seem quite so scary right now. Maybe I’ll save the freaking out until my next post when I will have done a bit more running. So far so good though. Unless I get another cold in which I am completely screwed.

For now, I hope to stop dreaming about the cheeseburgers I really want to eat and keep on track with my plan as much as possible. I also need to stop signing up for races because it’s bankrupting me.

  • Is anyone else signed up for the Hackney Half Marathon?
  • Will I actually be able to get round in one piece considering the furthest I have run in my life is 7 Miles??
  • Also, what fuel do you recommend for getting me round the 13.1 miles – jelly babies or gels???

All answers on the postcard below pretty please!!

Thanks again for reading,


Pamela 🙂

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