February Foodtasticness

Hello everyone,

Happy March! I can’t believe how fast time is going, February flew by and I can’t say if I have been better or worse for it. My total running mileage for the month was 47.2 miles which is less than January but I did have a week off ill due to the cold that seemed to plague me for at least 10 days.  I’ve also been naughty and haven’t really gotten myself back into the right frame of mind ever since, which resulted in me paying for it this week. The plan was a short 3 miles on Friday, 5 Miles on Saturday and 4 miles today. The only thing that happened was 5 miles today and that 5 miler was debilitating. The first 4 miles of the run felt ok but the last mile was a real slog, legs achy and tired and I knew it was because I didn’t put in the miles beforehand and of course that equates to a tough long run (if you can say 5 miles is a long run!). I got home angry at myself, I need to put in the effort or the half-marathon isn’t going to happen, I can’t afford to mess up my training and not do it properly. What made it worse is that as part of my job I tell my students this all the time, its the long game not the short quarter. Don’t mess up again.

As the title of this post suggests I’m going to of course mention some good food recipes (and treats!) that I have been trialling out this past month. There are so many favourites so it’s been rather difficult to narrow down

  • Turkey Tacos with Sweet Gem Lettuce

This has somehow made it onto the weekly menu (usually Monday’s funnily enough) at home. The mince can be any one you want but I prefer turkey mince as it’s leaner than beef. I cheat and fry this with the Old El Paso taco sauce mix but you can be more adventurous. To make it healthy I swap the tacos for Sweet Gem lettuce which is still crispy and delicious. I’m not a fan of sour cream so I usually load with fresh Guacamole and Salsa. Also I love saying Turkey Tacos, something about the allieration makes me giddy everytime.










  • Grilled Halloumi, Roast Pepper and Avocado Sandwich

This is again courtesy of Runner’s World, they really do make some good recipes! Delicious with some homemade wholemeal bread. Ripe avocados can be easily spread instead of butter but if yours are on the firmer side like mine then just make little chunks. Best eaten as an open sandwich and a pretty healthy afternoon snack.

  • Stuffed peppers with Salmon Steak and Side Salad

See, told you I like alliteration 😉 I stuffed the peppers with some vegetable spelt but you can choose any grain you prefer (risotto, rice, quinoa, bulgar wheat etc). Oven roast the salmon and stuffed peppers and you are pretty much good to go. Side salad completely optional. Oh, don’t throw away the salmon skin! If you leave it in the oven to crisp up it is DIVINE.


The green adds a bit of colour to a pretty orange plate. Notice the crispy salmon skin? Tee hee


The sweet potatoes appear to be a little on the chargrilled side.










  • Cod with Harissa Paste, Sweet potato and Broccoli

The Harissa paste was picked up from Borough Market. It’s pretty salty to use sparingly with the fish but makes an excellent marinade, I loved the spice for pepping up the fish. Sweet potato fries are literally the best thing ever. In this case the sweetness should balance out the harissa and spice. Chop into small pieces, bit of olive oil and paprika and its good to go. You obviously need vegetables for a balanced, healthy meal so clearly I’ve gone for broccoli.

  • FullSizeRender (8)Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk

I actually stumbled across these in a goody bag in the Bupa 10k and have been hunting for them since. Sadly no supermarket nears me stocks them so I had to visit the website and order directly from them instead. That alone should tell you what an impression they made. Rebel Kitchen Mylks are dairy free which is good news for me as I’m a pseudo-lactose intolerant person (can’t drink milk, fine with hard cheeses and yoghurt). It’s delicious and I am able to keep it down, clearly a winner. These actually come in a variety of flavours but my favourite is the plain chocolate one. The packaging is very cute and the website provides promotions and monthly subscriptions too. A great post workout recovery drink.

  • Borough Market – Foodie heaven!
  1. BreadAhead for the doughnuts (salted caramel and honeycomb was delicious), the lady here isn’t impressed with me when i ordered a plain jam one. I’m not sure i am allowed to go back.
  2. Artisan Scotch eggs with Sweet potato fries – The scotch eggs looked pretty good and sweet potato fries, Natch.
  3. Roast to Go – If you have time then head to the restuarant but the to go counter is still good. Pork Belly with crackling and Bramley Apple Sauce – what isn’t to love?
  4. Borough Olives – They make some great Harissa paste, Tapennade and Pestos. Then again you could just buy olives
Happy collage. Those donuts look gooooood!

Happy collage. Those donuts look gooooood!

Phew! This was a much longer post than I had planned. Sorry guys! As always recipes for any of the foods are available so if you need them (that way you’ll realise how much stuff I actually buy ready made oops) then feel free to email me. Do check out Borough Market if you visit London!

Thanks for reading! Feedback and comments are always loved.

Pamela 🙂




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