The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

 Hello readers!

Okay okay, I know, this race was ages ago. I am just so behind on race recaps that it’s all out of order right now and I am trying furiously to get them into some sort of order! So here is a trip down memory lane to September 28th 2014 where I participated in the Color Run (Yes, I’ve spelt it American as this is originally an American endeavour!) at the Olympic Park on a very hot and sunny day. I’ve been dying desperate to do this race ever since i had heard about it so as I knew it would be in London i signed up and roped in Richard, Paulo, Gemma and Marcia. Looking back, this was also a way to keep myself busy during September as the BF was away working in Botswana for 3 months so you can imagine my excitement qudrupled when he managed to get internet and chat to me just before the race started!

The race only has 3 rules

  1. Wear a white T-shirt (kindly supplied to us)
  2. Ensure you end up covered in paint
  3. Have fun!

See, exactly my kind of race! I knew that the paint would be powdered and washable but I wore the headband just to make sure it would hopefully stop the paint getting in my eyes. I think I look pretty good in it too tee hee.


Clean, fresh white T-shirts ready

 Sadly it didn’t quite work out as when I reached the Orange kilometer marker, I got hit right in the face by orange powder. The woman seemed particularly focused on making sure I was covered in paint, and, to be fair, I was. Mainly in my left eye. I was blinded for pretty much 2-3 minutes after as I tried to wash it all out and it stung like the way I would imagine an army of ants biting my eye would sting. It really didn’t dampen my spirits for long because the atmosphere is so relaxed and happy, everyone was having a great time and taking lots of photos.

The majority of the run was in bright sunlight and there really wasn’t any shade along the course which made it tough. Most people were walking so there was no way you would be able to run this at a pace faster than 15 min/miles. The whole point was to have fun and enjoy the carnival atmosphere. I know I certainly did. Loads of children took part as well so it’s definitely a family friendly event. Next time I’ll be sure to sign up my mother as she would absolutely love it. She waits so patiently at most of my runs that I feel she should get to enjoy this one herself.

Once we weaved our way to the end of the 5K we were all greeted with sachets of powdered paint to throw at  the paint party.


the man behind me… is he actually… scratching his…..? 😳

 I continued to go snap-happy crazy and made sure we had lots of photos to commemorate and then treated myself to a much deserved Mr Whippy! I ended up wearing the equivalent of a yellow bin liner on the bus home as I didn’t want to get paint on everything I touched. The shower I had was so multicoloured as the yellow, orange, pink, blue and green washed out. It was reliving the race all over again but in my own shower 😀

This race definitely lists as a must do event so if you fancy a fuss free and happy 5K then do sign up to the ones in 2015. Check out their website to see where you can sign up! I’ll be hoping to complete another soon!

Thanks for reading!


Pamela 😄

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