Attack of the fly..and further March Musings

Hi readers!

What a long month! And we still have a whole 3 days to go! I heard of March Madness (where apparently everyone steps up the mileage in prep for the Spring marathons) and thought it wouldn’t apply to me. Totally wrong. To date, I have run a total of 77 miles in March alone. Admittedly it’s not as impressive as the many crazies dedicated peeps out there who always put in 100miles a month but it’s a real first for me. I’ve also managed to gain the appetite of a horse this week eating everything in sight. I need to sort out my nutrition because whatever I am doing now isn’t enough anymore as the miles increase every week but my intake hasn’t changed. Food for thought (literally).

I’ve been following my Hal Higdon plan to help guide me towards finishing my first ever Half Marathon on May 10th. It has been a real revelation. I ran distances I never thought I could finish and I am very proud of my achievements. Running endorphins have truly been released. I could probably kiss myself everywhere and hug myself if it wouldn’t result in awkward stares 😅.

High ( and low) lights so far…

  • Last Saturday I ran 8 miles, a distance I had never run before.
    8 Mile run on a Saturday morning. Because this is what my life has come to.

    8 Mile run on a Saturday morning. Because this is what my life has come to.

    I stashed away a little pouch of Haribo Gold Bears I got from work (Thanks Laura!) and decided to try nibbling it. I also sorted myself out with a running water bottle (2 for £4.50 from Sweatshop! Uh hello…Bargain!) and filled this up with some Nuun. I decided I would have a little gummy bear every mile and drink to thirst. It worked perfectly. I was tired from mile 5-6 but other than that it was good. My average pace was 10.26 per mile which is pretty much what I expect my half marathon pace to be. I did spend the rest of the day being useless. My mum had to intervene by making me about 3 pots of tea and shaking me awake for the rest of the day.

  • Sunday was a good recovery run of 4 miles. I then treated myself to a Sunday Roast followed by a huge pigging out 🐷 from Belgique in Wanstead. Get ready for it I bought a custard bun, Black forest Roll, Blueberry Cheesecake, another cheesecake, and some chocolate smothered thing called Galaxy. I would say avoid anything with sponges from there, they tasted stale. Go for the blueberry cheesecake or the other cheesecake, forgot the name. Basically, face stuffing and cheesecake scoffing day.
  • Documentary Friday!! I have previously spoken of my love of science documentaries. I took advantage of Friday afternoon to catch up on 2 of them. One was The Wonderful World Blood 💉 (yes, because I’m weird like that) and the other was The Truth about Calories. The blood one was indeed wonderful, but the calories one was simply depressing. They said to make food taste as good but lower in calories you should a) add lots of water to your soup (yuck 😷) b) eat less (well, yeah but what if you are hungry?) and c) have food as raw as possible as it is harder to break down (but I like my steak medium!). What was the point of that??
  • This morning was a 9 mile run which I managed at 10.13/mile pace. I was nervous, the 8 mile last week almost killed me and I had to go even further. The first mile was way too fast (surprisingly so) at 9.26 so I forced myself slowed down hugely in the second one and was feeling pretty comfortable passing my second mile. Then I saw a spec of black flying towards my face. A little fly. That then flew into my eye!! My right eye temporarily blinded I did what any normal would do.. rub my eye like mad (after stopping my run app, cos that’s obviously a priority). This made it worse and it was now stinging A LOT. Again, what would a normal person do at this point? Oh I know, use the only source of liquid you have (Nuun) to wash it out. More stinging, tears streaming down my face 😭😭. A runner runs past, I’m obviously in some distress, so she waves and carries on. It felt like a long time before I could compose myself although it was about 2 minutes. Everytime I blinked I could feel the fly inside my eye but my vision was back to normal, apart from the welling of tears so I thought I may as well carry on. So I finished my 9 mile run with a dead fly in my eye. I’d like to report that the dead fly has now been removed. Apart from the psychological damage, I appear to have made a full recovery.

Resilience is now my middle name. I do feel tired from the long run today (even snoozed a little in the afternoon) but I do feel I have overcome a hurdle. I thought I couldn’t do 8 let alone 9 miles and I’ve managed it steadily and am in the process of sorting out nutrition. So that was the round up to my week. Good things, bad things, dead things.

Thanks for reading


Pamela 🙂


2 thoughts on “Attack of the fly..and further March Musings

    • Thank you so much for you sweet message! So we both have milestones this May! Hooray.. keep up the training you’ll be great, just enjoy the experience! x
      p.s. Read your post about Eurodisney. Am beyond jealous that you’ve been!

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