April catch up…

Happy April folks!

I trust you have all enjoyed yourselves over the Easter break.  I pretty much ate spoilt those around me with Hotel Chocolat goodies…

Easter Treats at home! 🍫

I was very much overwhelmed with chocolate this year and am pretty certain it will last for the next couple months as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, unlike someone else I live with. I also massively failed on the giving up cheese for Lent (I lasted 2 weeks!) but funnily enough I seem to eat less of it nowadays. I spent the long weekend soaking up some fresh Norfolk air at Holme Beach. I can’t recommend this beautiful part of the Norfolk Coast enough. Life slows down a little here and I am always overfed whenever I go there, but it does distract me from not doing any marking. Suffice to say I did absolutely zero running the week leading up to Easter with it being rather hectic at work and all the long weekend but I did manage to play Pitch and Putt! Surely that is exercise?


Just so you know, I came last

 I really reeeeeallly hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me.

It’s now been a full 3 months since I uttered my New Year Resolutions and I suppose it is time to check in with how I am doing..

  • Blog at at least once a month – It’s happened! I think I needed to have it written down as an affirmation. It’s happened. Yay… or Sorry for those of you who don’t like my brain vomit tee hee.
  • Stop eating crap – I do think i’ve cut down at least. Repeat after me, my name is Pamela and I am a food whore foodaholic food addict . My name is Pamela and I like crap food a bit too much 😣.
  • Lose at least a stone in 6 months – I’m halfway through my own deadline. I have lost weight, losing approximately 4.5kg, this is about 9lbs so not quite a stone yet but it seems promising. I’ll keep trying but see above.
  • Run a half marathon – I am 4 weeks away from the Hackney Half, I’m excited but dreading it at the same time Sort of like interviews, you kinda prepare as best as you can but you never really know how it will turn out, especially when you didn’t run at all last week even though you were supposed to run something like 20 miles. Oops.

Having had a good break I came home to my first ever MAILED version of Runners World! Very excited and sure made me feel guilty for doing nothing over the long weekend 🙌. Marathon season is now upon us with last weekend hosting the Brighton and  Paris Marathon, only 10 days left until the London Marathon! If you ran these then great job, it’s been super inspiring to see just how far a lot of people have come. I hope to be cheering on the London Marathon route on April 26th for those of you taking part. Perhaps one day I’ll join the ranks of marathoners but not this year!

Running wise I have reached a new milestone, completing a 10 mile run last Saturday! It was painful, I got to 9.5 miles and just wanted to end it, sit down and cry but with only half a mile to go I finished it. What is really scaring me is knowing I have to do it all over again PLUS an extra 5K on top of that. This week has been bright and sunny with a gorgeous 5 mile on Monday evening and a suicidal 4 miles today at midday. Aiyah! It was hot, maybe that run today was an error 😲. Not that I am complaining as I sit here in the sunshine in my little breakout corner (read: crackden mattress) in the flat procrastinating over marking. Do I really need to get back to work next week? Boo to work. Denial solves everything.

Happy running!

Pamela 🙂

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