Brooks Vapor 2 – Like the reliable dependable boyfriend that is good for you.

Hi everyone,

After a particularly bad blood blister back in January, I dragged my sore feet to Sweatshop for some new shoes.  A bit of running on the treadmill and taking into account my poorly left foot, we narrowed the choice down to either the Brooks Vapor 2, or the New Balance 860v4. Having loved Brooks before (the GTS Adrenaline 13 was amaze-balls) I decided on the Vapor 2. A new updated version of their Vapor line (confusingly following on from Vapor 11 😕???), a little brother to the GTS (less support etc) with lots of spec stuff I don’t quite understand but those shoes sure felt good when I ran in them.

Brooks Vapor 2 - Other colours available!

Brooks Vapor 2 – Other colours available!

Happy Feet!

Happy Feet!









Disclaimer: I bought these shoes and am not being paid to write this. I won’t even pretend to use words I don’t understand so this is really just a review on how this shoe has made me feel

Cushioning: Admittedly, these shoes lack the cushioning that I loved in the LunarGlides but they are definitely there and do hold up pretty well, especially on long runs. It’s definitely not like running on clouds and the balls of my feet did start to ache slightly on my long run about 8 miles in but there hasn’t been any lasting damage. Most importantly, I have no blisters and my feet have been superbly happy in them. My longest run so far is 10 miles in them and my legs weren’t complaining an inch. I can always tell if shoes aren’t cushioned enough because my knees will feel the shock after a good 5 miles but there have been no knee or shin problems (touch wood).

Support: My overpronation is mild to moderate but I wanted a support shoe as I knew I would have to run two half marathons in them this year, plus all the training that comes with it. My lack of injury says it all and I knew from the moment I tried them in store they would be fine. It really did feel like coming home.

Weight: Being less supportive and thinner than the Adrenalines (THE trademark Brooks running shoe and my previous Brooks experience) meant that this shoe certainly feels less clunky, though I am sure their weight may not necessarily reflect that. I am used to running in lighter shoes though with the LunarGlides so this is definitely the downside for these shoes.

Overall, 150 miles later my feet really like these shoes. They didn’t need to be broken in as they were great from the start and they have the right amount of support that I know I can lace up in them, head out for that run and they’ll be fine. However, there are still things which make it far from perfect. I miss the soft cushioning which can be found in other shoes and the weight is still a sticking point for me.

Having a look online however (and especially on the Brooks website) showed there is hardly any information out there on the Brooks Vapor 2. In fact, Google has never even heard of them, so finding any other reviews to compare with my own experience have been impossible. There has been zero marketing on this shoe, which is a shame because I know these shoes would suit a large majority of runners out there who want stability shoes which get the job done for those training sessions and long runs at the weekends which will support you and are reliable. These shoes have carried me through runs I never thought I could do. In a couple of weeks I’ll be lacing up in them to see my through my first ever Half Marathon. 8/10 from me! 😬

Have you ever tried the Brooks Vapor 2? I can’t be the only person to have bought these shoes?!!!!

Thanks for reading

Pamela 🙂

2 thoughts on “Brooks Vapor 2 – Like the reliable dependable boyfriend that is good for you.

  1. I run in these (men’s version). I’m quite new to them but love them so far. They are providing exactly the ride level of support for my feet and feel great. Each runner’s feet different but I’m recommending them to people for sure.

  2. I’ve been using brooks vapors for 10 years now – I just get whichever model is available when I need a new pair. I know they’ll just work and haven’t bothered looking for anything else! I know a few friends who have happened to have the same ones at one stage or another too.

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