What?! Another PB?! Maybe it was the pollen 

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the suitably sunny week and I am sure you are suitably depressed now knowing it’s not going to last the weekend as it has already rained today. Just so you know I have the week off as its half term 😎. You can suitably hate me now. 

On Monday I ran the Bupa 10K in the sunshine. It was a new route this year looping up and down the Strand, past St Paul’s and Nelson’s Column but still finishing just in front of the Queen’s stomping ground of Buckingham Palace. I didn’t have much expectation for myself this race as its 2 weeks after my half marathon so I just wanted to take it easy and enjoy what I know is a good run through the sights of London. 

Pre race: Woke up pretty early and had normal ritual of a quick shower (yes I know I will be sweating anyways.. It’s a habit!) and got dressed. I didn’t have any other food in the house so breakfast was 3 crackers with some posh stinky cheese I had bought from Whole Foods and a smoothie. Made my way to Green Park

10am: Bag drop complete and am stood in my start pen (Green C in case you were wondering). Everyone is anxious to start and I cannot take part in the countdown because a) apparently the song to sing is Delilah by Tom Jones and I don’t know the words and b) I’m literally sneezing my a$$ off due to the pollen. It’s everywhere! 

Mile 1-3: I settle into a nice pace which is quite swift for me but comfortable at approx. 9.46min/miles. I saw Andy Vernon run past as the race is a loop and the guy isn’t even breaking a sweat. He won it in 28 minutes. I hadn’t even reached halfway yet WTF. 

Mile 4-5: It’s becoming increasingly warm but I’ve been secretly doing a rat race with this lovely old lady. One minute she’s in front then I catch up, then she’s there again. I imagine if I had a conscience this is what it would feel like.  I eventually end up overtaking her for good at about Mile 5 but as she was my unofficial pacemaker I’m a little lost without her.

Last 1.2 miles: Somehow I manage to get myself to the sign that reads 9K so that’s less than a mile to go and I am tired. The crowds are thicker now and I am trying in vain to tell myself that I just need to hold this pace. 800 metres to go and my legs are pissed off that I have made them work this hard. Suddenly, the old lady is next to me, she’s not even sweating the cow! A final kick at 200 metres and I make it over the finish line. I walk, gasping for air and feel like I’m going to pass out. We’re herded along and I take off my timing chip and hand it over. 

Goody bag with medal and T shirt collected I try in vain to use my phone but signals are jammed. I check out my time. 59.11!!! I went sub 1 hour and now have another PB. In my genuine astonishment I have a breakout of hives (damn that pollen!) and make my way home. 


Ignore the laundry in the back 🙊

A good lunch, shower and snooze later and I am off to the driving range for a spot of (terrible) golf. I still can’t believe I did it. I guess training really does pay off. Obviously, I wore the t shirt to the gym the next day 😄

Pretty nice T shirt eh?

I have already said this before but Bupa London 10k is a great event superbly organised,  phenomenal route and I know it’s a yearly staple on my calendar. What next? The Nike London 10K in June! Because I really want that beach body!
Thanks for reading, good luck with your races and exercise goals!
Pamela ☺️

2 thoughts on “What?! Another PB?! Maybe it was the pollen 

  1. Congrats on the PB thats such a great time! I did my first 10k event a few weeks ago and did 65 mins, but would love to be able to get under an hour. Really enjoy reading your posts 🙂 xo

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