Nike 10K – We ran London and got some free champagne

Hi readers, 

As always my race recap is always overdue and way past its deadline date but it’s here! I always like to leave it a few days (read: weeks) before I ever regale the tales of my adventures. The Nike Women’s Run series takes place all over the world and I was SUPER EXCITED to be entering this one as I heard the Nike events are always well managed and there was a rumour of free prosecco at the end of race. For those who are unfortunate to live with me (Phil) my obsession with Nike clothing runs deep and in fact the majority of my sports wear bear the swoosh. I fall for all their stuff hook, line and wallet sinker 😂.

Race prep: This one was very casual. I wasn’t aiming to beat any PBs having come off a running high with the half marathon and 10K of past so my longest run was 8 miles. I didn’t run more than 3 times a week. Race pack was collected from the Nike Store in town and with it was the race shirt you had to wear, guest pass for Mummy Tipchu and the usual wristbands and race chip. 

8am: Mummy Tipchu would be my supporter (bag holder) today as I know she always loves a freebie (she took like 5 free apples at the Race for Life last year. They have now stopped giving free apples) and it’s been a while since we had the mother daughter time. Bus to tube and then a short walk to Victoria Park we had arrived

945am: I dash around trying to find the Braid Bar as they will do your hair for you for free. They did a lovely sophisticated fishtail plait for me and then it was time to line up. The start took ages. We were supposed to start at 1030 but by the time it got to my wave it was probably 11.


Ready to start ✌🏼️

Halfway point: I loved the fact they handed out orange slices on the course at about Mile 3 and I decided to not take any water despite the hot weather. Nike also put up motivational signs along the way to keep us going as well as names of all the Crews which was a special touch. It was nice to run in the shade though, that sun was sorchio 🔆. Victoria Park is always nice to run around and the sea of 10000 others in orange tops made the experience feel like you were all part of the same group. I like that feeling of United-ness.

Last half: Oh I will take those orange slices thank you. I tell you nothing tastes better than sweet cold orange slices during a run. I should add this to the list of fuels to have during long runs but I feel the practicality aspect will rule it out. As I cross over the finish line we are greeted with another awesome goody bag as well as a banana and water. The medal was instead a beautiful necklace designed by Alex Monroe. It’s stunning and a waaaaay better prize than a medal. I’d definitely wear it out, it’s cute!

62.38 was the time – a relaxed run in the sea of orange


Champagne celebration 🎉


The rest of my time was spent in a real haze. The queue to buy and personalise your finishers vest was ridiculously long! I gave up with the personalisation and instead just bought the vest. There simply was chaos with that system but everything else including the silent disco, booths and activities were pretty epic and well worth the £28 entry fee. I ate A LOT of popcorn that day.

A great race, well organised. T shirts and vest are fantastic, a cute necklace, 2 book bags and yes, I came home with about 10 bottles of Smart Water. I’m pretty I was already sold at entering for 2016 for the free Champagne. 

Finishers Bling

Thanks for reading,

Pamela 😊

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