About Me

Hey there! My Name is Pamela and welcome to my blog 🙂

Like all women, I have always been conscious of my weight, my health, how I look, and seriously, does my butt look big in these jeans?! I always say it’s because I ate too much last Christmas and now I’m totally going to lose the weight and make these legs look like the Victoria Secrets Models. It happens today and now! But then apparently Christmas is, like, an annual thing so my legs are still not like Gisele’s and yeah, my butt does look big those jeans.

Totally going to run after this 7-course-meal. The people behind me clearly know I'm lying

Totally going to run after this 7-course-meal. 

The thing is my BMI is healthy and really I’m doing fine but my skinny jeans don’t fit like they used to and I’m determined to somehow lose a least a stone practically all of the time!

Which brings me to running.

Most long distance runners have the bestest legs and are in the greatest shape – FACT. Most of all, they look pretty happy, like all the time happy. So I want to be a runner. The problem is I’m crap at it. I am slowly working towards and would love it if you joined me in my quest for running greatness and one day having the physique of a Victoria’s Secret Model.

So what does this blog give you? First of all it’s my brain vomit. I ramble a lot, mostly about running but occasionally I’ll do the odd review on a particular product too. I know I obsessed over read a lot of blog reviews about products before committing so I want to share in my love of running and running products with you guys too and hope it can be of some use.

I love questions and encouragement so if you want to say hello then do drop a comment below or my email address is pamela.tipchu@gmail.com


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