Get Exploring

Below are some links to some of the amazing websites I visit frequently for the all important motivation when I really don’t want to get out there and run, bargains (don’t even pretend you don’t love them), humour and passion. This is truly food for my soul.

maya angelou 1


  • For updates on everything in the sporting world there is the Nike website (click! You may need to adjust this for your country) which I often check out to lust over clothes and shoes and secretly hope they will go into the sale. Feel free to visit out their stores for the ultimate motivation and inspiration to work out. I go in there sometimes just to touch stuff and instantly feel fitter.

  • Running Shoes, you probably need those if you want to run. Always get fitted properly by a running specialist. I strongly recommend Sweatshop here in the UK. They are my go-to store every time I need new shoes and they never fail me. The sales assistants are super helpful and happy (of course they are, they run all the time!) to help find the right shoes for you. Sweatshop also do a 30 Day-Shoe-Satisfaction-Guarantee so if they really aren’t right for you they will exchange it. To find the nearest store visit their website on the link above. They also do great sales!

  • Wiggle absolutely rock for bargains. Provided you already know what you want, all you have to do is search for it, add to basket, pay and it’s all yours! Also, their delivery service is out of this world.

  • When I first decided to take up running I did what any normal person does, I went on the internet and searched running blogs. Er, what you mean you don’t do that? I came across Lazy Girl Running and I loved it. Her blog is laugh out loud funny and actually seeing someone else blog about their own experiences served as an inspiration for me to start my own. I owe this lady a lot of thanks – read it!

  • Need a pick me up? Visit Sporteluxe for some stylish articles on yoga, well being and nutrition tips. I actually found this by accident when I googled ‘How to look good after a gym workout’ and I do check in periodically just to see what other interesting articles they have. And yes, I now look spectacular after a work out.

  • Being Asian I take photos at every given opportunity. At the dinner table of my food, secret shots of famous people which I furiously WhatsApp to my friends, selfies, group photos – all with the same peace sign pose to boot. However, for those of you wanting to check out some much better photography work Philip Kepler Jones does some pretty great stuff. Definitely worth checking out his portfolio by visiting his website. The black and white of the tree squirrel is my fave.


Got a suggestion for websites I need to be visiting? Post a comment below for me 😀

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