Races I Ran

How did I do? Did I make it to the finish line? More importantly, what was I thinking? Read all about it here…

  • September 11th 2011 – Adidas Women’s 5K Challenge @ Hyde Park, London: 35 Minutes. Free Medal and T-shirt!
  • June 16th 2013 – Macmillan 10K Fun Run @ Regent’s Park, London: 64 Minutes. Free Medal and T-shirt. You can read the review here
  • July 14th 2013 – Race for Life 5K @ Hyde Park, London: 31.27 minutes. Free Medal, Free Apples and Free Brioches
  • March 15th 2014 – British Heart Foundation 5K @ Regent’s Park, London: 32.36 minutes. Free Medal and T-Shirt
  • May 25th 2014 – BUPA London 10000m: 62.34 minutes. Free Medal and T-shirt as well as the most amazing goodie bag ever!
  • June 25th 2014 – Race for Life 5K @ Victoria Park, London: 29.52 minutes. Free Medal and Brioche!
  • Sept 7th 2014 – Run to the Beat @ Wembley, London: 66 Minutes. Free Medal and Technical T Shirt (first one) with lots of other delicious goodies such as ice cream, energy drinks and deodorant (not so yummy)



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